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Whether you have an emergency or are in need of professional installation, our waterproofing pros are here to help.

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Simply give us a call or get a price quote online and we will instantly connect you with a nearby waterproofing pro who can solve your inspection, installation, or maintenance needs.

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After connecting your call, a waterproofing expert will answer any questions and provide flexible appointment times to choose from.

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Once your waterproofing pro arrives, they will inspection the property and provide an estimate. If you decide to proceed, your technician will get to work and see your job through from start to finish.

About Us

About Us

Waterproofing Services was created to help homeowners find a reliable, local waterproofing company. Our service includes a nationwide network of contractors and a 24-hour dispatch center.

Over the years, we've connected thousands of homeowners with waterproofing experts and we're confident we can help you too!

We don't charge a dime!

Our waterproofing estimate service is 100% free. We don't ask for ANY financial information and you can use us as many times as you like.

You don't have any obligations.

We find you qualified waterproofing professionals that best meet the needs of your project, but if you are not fully satisfied with the estimates provided, you are not obligated to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to relieve the stress from all your waterproofing problems!

Our customer service agents are available 24/7 to take your call.
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We're here to relieve the stress from all your waterproofing problems!